Surgery Overview

Surgery Overview

Your surgeon will review with you all aspects of the planned surgical procedure before scheduling you at the facility.  Be truthful about all of your medical conditions, medications that you take, and any other relevant information that may be asked of you by your doctor.  Ask questions regarding the procedure so that you are fully informed and are comfortable proceeding with your surgery.  After this consultation, your surgeon will schedule your procedure at  SurgiCare of Manhattan.

A nurse or physician assistant from SurgiCare of Manhattan will contact you the day prior to your scheduled procedure. They will ask about your health history, medications you currently take, inquire about drug allergies or intolerance, and review basic preoperative instructions with you.  You will be informed about your expected arrival time at SurgiCare of Manhattan by your surgeon’s office.  If you have questions about your scheduled arrival time, it can be reviewed at anytime by calling SurgiCare of Manhattan at (212) 867-0609.

Below is a list of simple rules to follow that will maximize your safety and ensure that you have minimal problems on the day of surgery.

  • Make arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you home after surgery. Taxi transportation is allowed only for those patients accompanied by an adult escort.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night prior to your surgery unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. This includes foods, liquids, water, candy, gum, and breath mints.
  • Do not smoke or use any tobacco products after midnight the night prior to your surgery.
  • Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours before and after your surgery.
  • You may brush your teeth or rinse your mouth the day of surgery, provided nothing is swallowed.
  • Medications:
    • If you take insulin or any other routine medication, your doctor or anesthesiologist will tell you how to take your medication on the day of the surgery. Please bring your insulin with you to the Surgery Center.
    • If you take blood thinner (such as Coumadin aspirin, etc.) please tell the surgeon.
    • You may take your heart, blood pressure, breathing or seizure medication the morning of surgery with a sip of water.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pre-operative care, we recommend you discuss them with the nurse that will contact you for your pre-operative interview. We also strongly advise you to call SurgiCare of Manhattan at (212) 867-0609 if you need to know more about your surgery.

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