Preoperative Instructions

Preoperative Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully: 

1. Nothing to eat or drink 8 hours prior to your surgery 

• For Dr. Riegler pain injections only: Nothing to eat or drink 4 hours prior to the procedure 

2. Bring a photo ID and insurance card – no insurance card is necessary for worker’s compensation or No-Fault.

3. Please do not bring cash unless you have a financial obligation on the day of your surgery.

4. Please leave all valuables at home (jewelry, cash, credit cards…) as we cannot be responsible for lost items.

5. You are required to have an escort to take you home.

6. If you take medications for your heart (hypertension), please take this medication at your regularly scheduled time – if you take your medications in the morning, please take it with a small sip of water.

7. Stop taking any aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Aleve (NSAIDs), at least 7 days prior to your surgery. If you have any questions concerning your blood thinners, please consult your cardiologist or primary care physician.

8. Do not wear any jewelry.

9. If you wear contact lenses, glasses, or hearing aids please bring a case to keep them safe, as you will not be able to wear them during surgery.

10. Wear loose-fitting clothing to accommodate dressings, casts, slings, braces, etc… 

• For Knee surgery: Sweat pants are recommended, loose shorts or skirts. No belts, buckles, or zippers.

• For Shoulder surgery: Oversized t-shirt with large armholes and stretchy material.


COVID Testing Requirements:

You must obtain a COVID test 5 days prior to your procedure and demonstrate a negative result.

The following tests, specifically, are accepted: 

• Diagnostic Test 

• Viral Test 

• Molecular Test 

• Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) 


• LAMP Test 

Any other test will NOT be accepted.


You can also download the instructions, here.