What are the benefits of going to an out-of-network facility?

What are the benefits of going to an out-of-network facility such as SurgiCare of Manhattan?

Many individuals and their families choose a more comprehensive health insurance policy because it provides more flexibility and freedom to make optimal healthcare choices as compared to strict HMO policies.  The extra premium you are paying for your healthcare insurance grants you and your dependents greater freedom of choice.

Your surgeon has recommended SurgiCare of Manhattan as your surgical facility because the care you need is ideally suited as an outpatient procedure, rather than a more complex and lengthy hospital stay, and also because we have the essential supplies, most advanced equipment, and experienced staff to treat your condition and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.  These resources may not be available at your insurance carrier’s in-network facilities.

Moreover, SurgiCare of Manhattan chooses to stay out-of-network with insurance companies to maintain its own flexibility in optimizing your treatment.  By remaining out-of-network, SurgiCare of Manhattan can tailor its administration to best suit its surgeons and, more importantly, our patients.

In contrast, in-network facilities and hospitals are contractually obligated to adhere to the HMOs’ stringent rules regarding where, when, and by whom a surgery is authorized to be performed – sometimes right down to the specifics of how a particular procedure can be performed!