Friends and Family Support

Friends and Family Support

The surgical experience can cause anxiety for you, your family and your closest friends. We are fully dedicated to making it as easy and peaceful as we can.

We advise that you have someone accompany you to the surgery center on the day of your surgery. We understand that you will feel more comfortable if you have someone at the center while the surgery is performed, so we allow them to stay in the waiting room. We will make sure they are constantly informed about the progress of your surgery.

Depending on the type of surgery, family members will be allowed to see you shortly after surgery and sometimes right away. Your surgeon will let your family and friends know when would be an appropriate time to see you after the surgery.

The doctor will also let you and your family know if it is necessary for someone to stay with you the first night post operatively, or if you are safe to be alone.

After the surgery is performed, your recovery begins. According to the type of surgery, it can vary. Read more about your recovery and going home.